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MR. Peter Jamerson

 Graduated with a double Masters in Finance and Business Management from the prestigious Bolton University of Finance and Economics, UK.

 Over 20 years of experience in finance and fund management, mainly in strategic planning, project finance, foreign exchange, and equity capital markets

 Participated as a senior management consultant with UK Invest in 2014 and has a close working relationship with Wall Street Invest

 Participated in IMMFX STP brokerage, and providing financial services to UK investment retail investors in 2015

 Founded Orient Markets Limited in the UK in 2018 with MR. Charles who is the top UK trading expert

Chief Technology Officer
MR. Szymon Kowalski

  Graduate in Financial Technology, University of Lodz, Poland

 Former Commissioner of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Polish Central Bank, familiar with the cumbersome procedures of exchange controls in many countries

 Former external auditor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, familiar with the risk control unit system and business processes

 In the year of 2013, was invited to be the technical director of Vista, laying the foundation for building the bridging technology at the beginning of the company and later the quantitative drive technology

 Was invited by MR. Peter Jamerson as CTO of Orient Markets Limited in the year of 2018

Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Felix Leon

  Historical European University of Munich, Germany, MA in Economics

 Former Deputy Managing Director of KfW, a major contributor to the provision of export credits and project financing

 EU Special Envoy of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungen), appointed to guide the banking and securities trading sector and involved in the planned launch of the EU Deposit Protection Mechanism Directive, which will come into force in 2014

 Co-creation of Orient Markets Limited in UK, starting to work closely with non-bank institutional liquidity providers as an STP remitter in 2018

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Finatov

      Graduate of the Department of Financial Economics, Kursk State University, Russia

 Russia's leading financial trading expert with fifteen years of experience and a net profit of over several hundred million dollars in his personal career

 Our leading trading analysis team, in addition to trading for a number of corporate funds, gives companies the most professional education and coaching

 Joined Orient Markets Limited in the year of 2018 and become Chief Financial Officer officially with a $5 million capital injection. Full operational responsibility for trading with his team